Hogan's Heroes Fan Fiction

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Note: Stories with more than one author will appear in this list more than once

Title Last Web Update Author
Papa Bear Awards 2003A Tiny Little Job8/12/2002Alekto
The Letter Home3/10/2005ML Miller Breedlove
Papa Bear Awards 2004Game Double Play4/14/2003Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2003Mind Games - First Half11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Mind Games - Second Half11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Confidence Game - First Inning6/17/2004Margaret Bryan
Confidence Game - Second Inning6/21/2004Margaret Bryan
Confidence Game - Third Inning6/29/2004Margaret Bryan
Confidence Game - Fourth Inning9/13/2004Margaret Bryan
Game In Overtime11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2005Game Keeper10/2/2004Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2006Game Annexed10/9/2005Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2004The Game's A Flatfoot9/28/2003Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2005That's the Name of the Game1/6/2004Margaret Bryan
The Game's a Fowl11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Game Preserver11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2005Away Game5/30/2004Margaret Bryan
Game Preempted11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2003The Skins Game11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2004Game Upset2/12/2003Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2003Big Game11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
It's a Wonderful Game11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Games Scrooges Play11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2006Game Play Hard Ball3/8/2005Margaret Bryan
Games of the Heart11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2003End Game - First Quarter4/21/2004Margaret Bryan
Margaret Bryan
End Game - Second Quarter4/21/2004Margaret Bryan
End Game - Third Quarter4/21/2004Margaret Bryan
End Game - Fourth Quarter4/21/2004Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2003Game Peace - A Mother's Wish11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Game Peace - Then What Happened11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2004Game Eagle (Chapter 1)7/14/2003Margaret Bryan
Game Eagle - Choices Made (Chapter 2)7/14/2003Margaret Bryan
Games of the Heart - A Father's Story11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Game's Score at Love11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Home Game - Bridgeport, Connecticut1/25/2004Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2005Shell Game3/15/2004Margaret Bryan
Papa Bear Awards 2003Post Game11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Game Commentator4/9/2006Margaret Bryan
Unity Games11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Game Players11/2/2002Margaret Bryan
Reindeer Games12/10/2004Margaret Bryan
New Beginnings (excerpt)7/27/2004LaVerne Cash
Papa Bear Awards 2007Doppelganger6/20/2006Melissa Ciesmann
Dangerous Alliances4/30/2004Rebecca Cloud
Papa Bear Awards 2006Mice and Men8/13/2005Rebecca Cloud
Don't Squat With Your Spurs On5/10/2004Rebecca Cloud
White Christmas12/24/2005Rebecca Cloud
Surprises10/3/2000Anne DeRosier
Birthday Gifts10/5/2000Anne DeRosier
Papa Bear Awards 2006Another Fine Mess8/13/2005Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2006Banned from the Fun2/27/2005Jeff Evans
The Card12/14/2004Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Color Conflict Tale9/22/2004Jeff Evans
Debriefing, A Navigator's Story12/18/2004Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Hammelburg Hillbilly11/6/2004Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2005Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Stalag 136/8/2004Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2007Here Comes the Sun4/8/2006Jeff Evans
The Inspection10/24/2004Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Things I Do For My Country11/17/2004Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2006'Twas the Night Before Christmas, ala Stalag 1312/3/2004Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2007Where the Fawkes Is Carter?7/30/2006Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2005Who's on First2/8/2004Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Great Plot Bunny Caper7/24/2004Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Revenge of the Plot Bunny8/10/2004Jeff Evans
The Neverending Plot Bunny8/19/2004Jeff Evans
A Hogan Easter Story3/26/2005Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2005Two Missions for the Price of One8/26/2004Jeff Evans
Weaving the Webs of Deception, Part 12/5/2005Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2007Weaving the Webs of Deception, Part 27/27/2006Jeff Evans
Weaving the Webs of Deception, Part 39/12/2006Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2005D-Day Plus Three10/5/2004Jeff Evans
Hostage, Again!10/5/2004Jeff Evans
Carter's Night Out10/5/2004Jeff Evans
2005 Papa Bear Awards Mission Briefing12/3/2004Jeff Evans
2006 Papa Bear Awards Mission Briefing12/18/2005Jeff Evans
2007 Papa Bear Awards Mission Briefing12/17/2006Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Stalag Zone2/18/2004Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2006The Stalag Zone 22/5/2005Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2007The Stalag Zone 37/30/2006Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2007Mobile Reconnaissance, Equine Deployment9/13/2006Jeff Evans
Papa Bear Awards 2007Major Hochstetter Meets His Match1/2/2007Jeff Evans
Roses are White10/14/2002D. Fowler
A Constellation of Stars6/25/2002Syl Francis
Papa Bear Awards 2003The Eagle and the Cross5/22/2001Syl Francis
Papa Bear Awards 2003Fools Rush In6/25/2002Syl Francis
Papa Bear Awards 2003Genesis4/29/2001Syl Francis
Papa Bear Awards 2003Just Another Mission4/9/2002Syl Francis
Star-Crossed10/28/2002Syl Francis
Secret Meetings: General Nuisance and a Major Headache4/7/2007Elsa Green
Papa Bear Awards 2003Drahtverhau3/2/2000Vogel Greif
Heil Hogan!3/2/2000Vogel Greif
Papa Bear Awards 2003Kits, Cats, Sacks and Lies…3/2/2000Vogel Greif
Papa Bear Awards 2003Klink for a Day3/2/2000Vogel Greif
Turkey on White, Hold the War3/4/2000Vogel Greif
Papa Bear Awards 2004All For One and One For All1/5/2004Linda Groundwater
The Cold War3/23/2005Linda Groundwater
Papa Bear Awards 2007Echoes of Mercy7/27/2006Linda Groundwater
Ever to Soar7/27/2006Linda Groundwater
Papa Bear Awards 2004Fears of the Brave1/5/2004Linda Groundwater
The Gift1/5/2004Linda Groundwater
Hard to Swallow2/3/2004Linda Groundwater
Heavenly Peace12/18/2005Linda Groundwater
Papa Bear Awards 2005Hochstetter's Heroes1/5/2004Linda Groundwater
Papa Bear Awards 2007Hogan Takes a Holiday2/14/2007Linda Groundwater
My Lonely Valentine2/1/2004Linda Groundwater
Papa Bear Awards 2006Now and Then12/24/2005Linda Groundwater
Linda Groundwater
Perchance to Dream4/29/2004Linda Groundwater
Papa Bear Awards 2005Plot Bunnies Attack!9/13/2004Linda Groundwater
Professor Hogan's History of the World: Revised7/3/2005Linda Groundwater
Put a Tiger in Your Tank5/10/2004Linda Groundwater
Papa Bear Awards 2006Vive Le Stalag 139/11/2005Linda Groundwater
What Child Is This?12/8/2004Linda Groundwater
Papa Bear Awards 2007Where Angels Tread2/7/2006Linda Groundwater
Papa Bear Awards 2005Welcome to Stalag 133/5/2004Linda Groundwater
Linda Groundwater
Be It Ever So Humble8/3/2004Linda Groundwater
Papa Bear Awards 2005There's No Place Like Home (part 1)11/1/2004Linda Groundwater
There's No Place Like Home (part 2)11/1/2004Linda Groundwater
There's No Place Like Home (part 3)11/1/2004Linda Groundwater
There's No Place Like Home (part 4)11/27/2004Linda Groundwater
There's No Place Like Home (part 5)11/27/2004Linda Groundwater
Once Upon a Time: The Last Laugh12/8/2004Linda Groundwater
Once Upon a Time: La Belle France12/14/2004Linda Groundwater
Once Upon a Time: I Have a Dream1/2/2005Linda Groundwater
Once Upon a Time: Songs of Innocence1/12/2005Linda Groundwater
Once Upon a Time: Papa Bear2/27/2005Linda Groundwater
Between Friends2/27/2005Linda Groundwater
Dress Rehearsal4/7/2000Mel Hughes
Papa Bear Awards 2006In Name Only, Chapter 17/3/2005Bryan Hutchins
In Name Only, Chapter 27/3/2005Bryan Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2004Game Double Play4/14/2003Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2003Mind Games - First Half11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Mind Games - Second Half11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Confidence Game - First Inning6/17/2004Patti Hutchins
Confidence Game - Second Inning6/21/2004Patti Hutchins
Confidence Game - Third Inning6/29/2004Patti Hutchins
Confidence Game - Fourth Inning9/13/2004Patti Hutchins
Game In Overtime11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2005Game Keeper10/2/2004Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2006Game Annexed10/9/2005Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2004The Game's A Flatfoot9/28/2003Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2005That's the Name of the Game1/6/2004Patti Hutchins
The Game's a Fowl11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Game Preserver11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2005Away Game5/30/2004Patti Hutchins
Game Preempted11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2003The Skins Game11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2004Game Upset2/12/2003Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2003Big Game11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
It's a Wonderful Game11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Games Scrooges Play11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2006Game Play Hard Ball3/8/2005Patti Hutchins
Games of the Heart11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2003End Game - First Quarter4/21/2004Patti Hutchins
Patti Hutchins
End Game - Second Quarter4/21/2004Patti Hutchins
End Game - Third Quarter4/21/2004Patti Hutchins
End Game - Fourth Quarter4/21/2004Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2003Game Peace - A Mother's Wish11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Game Peace - Then What Happened11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2004Game Eagle (Chapter 1)7/14/2003Patti Hutchins
Game Eagle - Choices Made (Chapter 2)7/14/2003Patti Hutchins
Games of the Heart - A Father's Story11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Game's Score at Love11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Home Game - Bridgeport, Connecticut1/25/2004Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2005Shell Game3/15/2004Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2003Post Game11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Game Commentator4/9/2006Patti Hutchins
Unity Games11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Game Players11/2/2002Patti Hutchins
Reindeer Games12/10/2004Patti Hutchins
Papa Bear Awards 2007Sasquatch6/18/2006Misty Jezierski
Hogan's Twilight2/15/2001Diane Maher
More Than One Way to Catch a Papa Bear3/31/2002Diane Maher
Papa Bear Awards 2003Sticks and Stones3/6/2002Jordanna Morgan
First Mission6/24/2001Steven J. Pani
A New Arrival4/17/2001Steven J. Pani
Papa Bear Awards 2004#Theater of War, Act One, "Every Man Must Play a Part"10/8/2003E.M. Seifert
Papa Bear Awards 2004#Theater of War, Act Two, "The Play's the Thing"10/8/2003E.M. Seifert
#Theater of War, Act Three, "I Have Played the Fool"10/8/2003E.M. Seifert
Papa Bear Awards 2004#Theater of War, Act Four, "Evil is Human"10/8/2003E.M. Seifert
Papa Bear Awards 2003In the Darkness of the Night7/9/2002Settiai
*A Hidden Past7/9/2002Settiai
November 23, 19447/9/2002Settiai
Silent Night7/9/2002Settiai
There's A Hero7/9/2002Settiai
Papa Bear Awards 2003Why Me?7/9/2002Settiai
Hogan, Hitler and Baby Makes Three7/17/2002Rebecca Sowell
Papa Bear Awards 2003Hungarian Rhapsody7/17/2002Rebecca Sowell
Achilles Heel2/11/2002Nina Stephens
Ursa Major4/4/2001Nina Stephens
Papa Bear Awards 2005Ursa Minor4/24/2004Nina Stephens
Allegiance - Part One4/1/2007Teresa Strati
Allegiance - Part Two1/1/2015Teresa Strati
Papa Bear Awards 2007The Letter2/14/2007Teresa Strati
Ties That Bind10/3/2005Teresa Strati
Her Second Chance6/27/2007Emily Swearingen
And on the 151st Day8/21/2006Zoey Traner
Don't Cry For Me7/27/2004Zoey Traner
Papa Bear Awards 2005For Want of a Beer7/27/2004Zoey Traner
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Good Samaritan9/26/2004Zoey Traner
Papa Bear Awards 2006Last Words2/5/2005Zoey Traner
Papa Bear Awards 2007Seven Days in the Life8/21/2006Zoey Traner
Papa Bear Awards 2007Song in the Key of Friendship8/21/2006Zoey Traner
Papa Bear Awards 2003What Price Freedom?3/6/2002Zoey Traner
Fateful Laughter3/6/2002Zoey Traner
Those Who Remain3/6/2002Zoey Traner
Papa Bear Awards 2003The Hand of a Friend3/6/2002Zoey Traner
The Arrival of Corporal Louis LeBeau2/4/2002Carolyn Waller
The Quest for Private Beurel2/4/2002Carolyn Waller
Heroes for a Trooper Tot2/4/2002Carolyn Waller
Papa Bear's Pony Express2/4/2002Carolyn Waller
Stray Hares12/9/2004Nancy Ware
Papa Bear Awards 2005To Sleep12/9/2004Nancy Ware
It All Had To Start Somewhere12/9/2004Nancy Ware
All the Evidence I Need12/18/2004Nancy Ware
London Bound?12/18/2004Nancy Ware
The Bargain12/18/2004Nancy Ware
Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square12/14/2004Nancy Ware
All Hallows Eve12/14/2004Nancy Ware
The Safecracker Coda1/9/2005Nancy Ware
Papa Bear Awards 2006The Visitor2/14/2007Wordybirds
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?2/14/2007Wordybirds

* Shaded entries denote "Works In Progress"

# denotes that the story will open in a new browser window