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Jeff Evans

Email: kommandant @ grooviespad.com
FanFiction.net Pen Name: AGroovie1
Web: http://www.grooviespad.com/stalag13


Papa Bear Awards 2006Another Fine Mess (Last web update: 8/13/2005)
Papa Bear Awards 2006Banned from the Fun (Last web update: 2/27/2005)
The Card (Last web update: 12/14/2004)
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Color Conflict Tale (Last web update: 9/22/2004)
Debriefing, A Navigator's Story (Last web update: 12/18/2004)
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Hammelburg Hillbilly (Last web update: 11/6/2004)
Papa Bear Awards 2005Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Stalag 13 (Last web update: 6/8/2004)
Papa Bear Awards 2007Here Comes the Sun (Last web update: 4/8/2006)
The Inspection (Last web update: 10/24/2004)
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Things I Do For My Country (Last web update: 11/17/2004)
Papa Bear Awards 2006'Twas the Night Before Christmas, ala Stalag 13 (Last web update: 12/3/2004)
Papa Bear Awards 2007Where the Fawkes Is Carter? (Last web update: 7/30/2006)
Papa Bear Awards 2005Who's on First (Last web update: 2/8/2004)
Operation Deflection
Papa Bear Awards 2005Two Missions for the Price of One (Last web update: 8/26/2004)
Weaving the Webs of Deception, Part 1 (Last web update: 2/5/2005)
Papa Bear Awards 2007Weaving the Webs of Deception, Part 2 (Last web update: 7/27/2006)
Weaving the Webs of Deception, Part 3 (Last web update: 9/12/2006)
The Stalag Zone
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Stalag Zone (Last web update: 2/18/2004)
Papa Bear Awards 2006The Stalag Zone 2 (Last web update: 2/5/2005)
Papa Bear Awards 2007The Stalag Zone 3 (Last web update: 7/30/2006)
Mr. Ed
Papa Bear Awards 2007Mobile Reconnaissance, Equine Deployment (Last web update: 9/13/2006)
Papa Bear Awards 2007Major Hochstetter Meets His Match (Last web update: 1/2/2007)
Triple Threat Challenge
Papa Bear Awards 2005D-Day Plus Three (Last web update: 10/5/2004)
Hostage, Again! (Last web update: 10/5/2004)
Carter's Night Out (Last web update: 10/5/2004)
Papa Bear Awards Briefings
2005 Papa Bear Awards Mission Briefing (Last web update: 12/3/2004)
2006 Papa Bear Awards Mission Briefing (Last web update: 12/18/2005)
2007 Papa Bear Awards Mission Briefing (Last web update: 12/17/2006)
The Plot Bunny Series
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Great Plot Bunny Caper (Last web update: 7/24/2004)
Papa Bear Awards 2005The Revenge of the Plot Bunny (Last web update: 8/10/2004)
The Neverending Plot Bunny (Last web update: 8/19/2004)
A Hogan Easter Story (Last web update: 3/26/2005)