Papa Bear Awards

Back in the fall of 2002, a few members of the Hogan's Heroes discussion list at got an idea to give awards to the various Hogan's Heroes related fan fiction stories that were out there. Categories were created, nominations solicited, and voting tabulated. With this, the 2003 Papa Bear Awards were born.

The voters were anyone who wanted to read the stories and make their opinion known. The committee overseeing the tabulation was comprised of Patti & Marg [the Prodigious Producers of Prose], Lauren von Oboe and Kits [the Baroness of Zed]. The experience went so well, that it's now become an annual event to reward the best Hogan's Heroes fiction of the past year.

Visit the Official Papa Bear Awards website for all the information, including the nominations and winners.

The 2007 Papa Bear Award winners have been announced!! Click on the logo below to see the results of this year's voting. Congratulations to all the winners and to those nominated!

Papa Bear Award Winners and Nominations

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