Hogan's Heroes Fan Fiction
Beta Reader List

The following people have volunteered to act as beta readers for stories that are under development. They are willing to read stories and make constructive comments in order to aid in the story's development. If you have a story that you wish to place in the library as a "Work in Progress", or one that you would like to have read before placing it in the library for public view, please contact any (or all!) of the readers on the list.

If you are interested in being added to this list (or removed from this list), send me a message at fanfic@grooviespad.com and let me know. I'll make sure you are on the list. The one rule for this is that you be willing to offer constructive criticism to the author, not just fluff or derogatory insults.

Reader Email Address
Patti HutchinsThreeEngies @ comcast.net
Kathy Miritellokmiritello @ excite.com
Kathy Fountaink.fountain @ fordfound.org
Diane Mahercolrehogan @ earthlink.net
Leslie Kirkleslie_kirk @ hotmail.com
Hannah Eriksonvorickson @ toadmail.com
Alektoalekto_uk @ hotmail.com
Invisable Squirrelinvisable_squirrel @ hotmail.com
Linda Groundwatergroundyonly @ yahoo.com.au
Sarah Covinlas_de_vivre @ yahoo.com
Susan Pattersonouch @ sfnet.cc
Rebecca Cloudqueenragnu @ yahoo.com
Connor Doombosgenmacconnor @ cox.net
Meghan Schilllefty @ redwall.net