Hostage, Again!
Jeff Evans

Papa Bear Awards 20052005 Papa Bear Awards - Nominated
Third Annual PBA Triple Threat Challenge


This is the second story of a 2005 Papa Bear Awards Triple Threat Challenge response trilogy.


“Third Annual Papa Bear Awards Triple Threat Challenge – A story dealing directly with one or more third season episodes containing roughly 300 words. It can be an extension, prologue, epilogue, coda, a missing scene or even a story dealing with the events of the episode. To make it a true triple threat, you must use exactly three characters in the story.”


This story takes place immediately after the episode “The Hostage.”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Colonel Hogan opened the door to his darkened office and walked in, careful not to wake his sleeping men. As he closed the door, he noticed the open window. That’s strange, I don’t remember leaving that open, he thought. He shrugged to himself as he walked over and shut the window. Opting not to turn on the light, he took off his uniform, wriggled into his pajamas and climbed into his bunk, snuggling under his blanket.


As he closed his eyes, he was suddenly aware of movement behind him on the bunk. Suddenly a hand began caressing his arm and a voice said, “Alone at last, Hogan darling.”


“What the …” he said, sitting bolt upright so fast that he hit his head on the ceiling boards above his bunk hard enough to see stars. “Ouch!” he yelled, and fell back down.


He fumbled and turned on the light and saw Marya in his bunk beside him. The door to his office opened to the curious faces of his men.


“Marya!” LeBeau said happily.


“Ah, my little one,” Marya said. “Do not be jealous. He forced himself on me.”


“What?” a shocked Hogan asked.


LeBeau smiled. “I will not be jealous,” he said. “Colonel Hogan needs some rest and relaxation anyway.”


“I don’t think he will get much rest, my little one,” Marya cooed. “But I will make sure he’s nice and relaxed.” She put her arm around Hogan and began nibbling on his ear.


“LeBeau, help!” Hogan said meekly.


LeBeau shook his head. “You don’t need my help, mon Colonel,” he said. “It looks like you are on top of things.” He grinned broadly as he shut the door.


“Help! Somebody,” Hogan said as Marya began to pull him down. “Anybody?”


Marya reached over and switched off the light.

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