In the Darkness of the Night

Papa Bear Awards 20032003 Papa Bear Awards - Third Place
Best Songfic/Poerty

Disclaimer: "Hogan‘s Heroes" and other related characters are all properties of... um... someone other than me. No infringement is intended. This story, such as it is, was written as a sign of respect and love for the characters, the show, and their creator. I claim no ownership of the aforementioned show and characters.

Rating: PG

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In the darkness of the night,

Under a blanket of stars.


We fight for what is right,

And defend that which is ours.


Stealthily we go,

Through the forests tall.


Listening for what we know,

As a soldier’s call.


The life of one we might save,

Yet take one from another.


That doesn‘t mean that we are brave,

We just try to protect the weak, the innocent, each other...


In the darkness of the night,

We stealthily do fight.





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