All the Evidence I Need
Nancy Ware

Usual disclaimers apply: I don’t own ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ and am only borrowing them for fun, not profit.


The Triple Threat Challenge: The challenge is to take one or more season three episodes and write a story revolving around them in any way. That could be a missing scene, coda, epilogue, prologue, or extension, a scene from a different point of view than shown in the episode, or even something dealing with results of something that happened in the episode.  Three hundred words in length.  There is one more requirement for the challenge, and that is to use exactly three characters. That will make it a true triple threat story. Only three characters can appear in the story with speaking parts, although other characters can be mentioned

(Condensed version of the rules nicked from the Mission Briefing at Captain Oboe’s website.)


Counting the title, this came in at exactly 300 words, and references three characters: Major Hochstetter, Gestapo femme fatale Gretal, and our very own Englander, Corporal Peter Newkirk.


This scene takes place during Episode #82 “Sticky Wicket Newkirk”. Eighteen men had escaped from Stalag 6, with eight of them being recaptured before Newkirk’s romantic interlude with Gretel at the beginning of the episode.


Unfortunately for our heroes, one of those men was… persuaded... to talk.



Throwing his bloodied gloves to the floor, Major Hochstetter stormed out of the interrogation room, shouting for his car to be brought to the front door of the headquarters building.  As he stopped in his office for his overcoat and cap, he noticed a new folder marked ‘Urgent’ lying on his desk.  Almost growling in frustration at even a minute’s delay, he picked it up and glanced inside.


A quick scan of the contents brought a twisted grin to his face.  It seemed that placing an agent in the Hoffbrau had paid off, as her latest report detailed a meeting with an English flyer that asked the wrong kind of questions about the recent escapes from Luft Stalag 6.  The man had obviously given her a false name, but her description matched that of someone who was –supposed- to be a prisoner at Luft Stalag 13.


Settling into the back seat of his car, Hochstetter read the report again, savoring every detail.  He closed his eyes, envisioning the moment when he finally brought all of the ‘monkey business’ at Luft Stalag 13 to an end. He would arrest Corporal Peter Newkirk, and take his time questioning the Englander, making sure that he learned everything the man knew.


Yes, by the time I’m finished with him, Newkirk will be begging to tell me not only about the goings-on at Stalag 13, but also about all the Underground activity between Hammelburg and Duseldorf.  Then I’ll – finally – have the evidence I need to put an end to the sabotage for good.  Oberst Hochstetter; it has a good sound to it.


Hochstetter opened his eyes as his car went through the gate at Stalag 13.  A brief stop at the Kommandantur, and it’ll be the beginning of the end…



Once again, from The Credit Where Credit Is Due Department, I’d like to thank LJ Groundwater for taking the time to supply me with a synopsis of “Sticky Wicket Newkirk”, as I (unfortunately) don’t happen to have any of the episodes on tape or DVD.  Couldn’t have done it without you, mate!

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