Hogan's Heroes Episodes
Season Two (1966-1967)

Episode Title Airdate
33Hogan Gives a Birthday Party9/16/1966
34The Schultz Brigade9/23/1966
35Diamonds in the Rough9/30/1966
36Operation Briefcase10/7/1966
37The Battle of Stalag 1310/14/1966
38The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz10/21/1966
39Hogan Springs10/28/1966
40A Klink, A Bomb and a Short Fuse11/4/1966
41Tanks for the Memory11/11/1966
42A Tiger Hunt in Paris, Part 111/18/1966
43A Tiger Hunt in Paris, Part 211/25/1966
44Will the Real Adolf Please Stand Up?12/2/1966
45Don't Forget to Write12/9/1966
46Klink's Rocket12/16/1966
47Information Please12/23/1966
48Art for Hogan's Sake12/30/1966
49The General Swap1/6/1967
50The Great Brinksmeyer Robbery1/13/1967
51Praise the Führer and Pass the Ammunition1/20/1967
52Hogan and the Lady Doctor1/27/1967
53The Swing Shift2/3/1967
54Heil Klink2/10/1967
55Everyone Has a Brother-in-Law2/17/1967
56Killer Klink2/24/1967
57Reverend Kommandant Klink3/3/1967
58The Most Escape-Proof Camp I've Ever Escaped From3/10/1967
59The Tower3/17/1967
60Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon3/24/1967
61Top Secret Top Coat3/31/1967
62The Reluctant Target4/7/1967