The Case of the Fancy Figures

Airdate: Saturday, December 13, 1958
Episode 49

TV Episode

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Martin Ellis was found guilty of an embezzlement that Charles Brewster had committed. Jonathan Hyatt, the company president, found this out and threatened to tell the police. Brewster, who is married to Valerie, Hyatt's daughter, does some threatening of his own, and the police are not called. Martin's wife, Carolyn ends up going to Perry and tells him that Martin was arrested for something that Charles had done. Perry talks to Burger, and Martin Ellis is released from jail. Once Brewster is arrested, he is visited by Victor Squires, the underwriter for the insurance company that covered the loss. Squires is anxious to get the money back from Brewster to preserve his job. Brewster makes a deal to have Squires bail him out of jail and in return will give back half the money taken. Since this is illegal, Squires arranges for Brewster to be shadowed once he is released. Later, Brewster is found dead. Jonathan Hyatt calls the police and reports it as a suicide. It doesn't take Lt. Tragg long to realize that it is really a murder, and Martin Ellis is arrested. Perry starts investigating and discovers the deal between Squires and Brewster. Upon questioning Squires, they find that the other half of the money was anonymously returned to the insurance company. Perry confronts Jonathan Hyatt and accuses him of placing the gun in Brewster's hand to make it look like suicide, which as we know from watching, is exactly what happened. During the trial, all of the circumstantial evidence against Martin Ellis is brought out. Also, it is brought out that Hyatt placed the gun in Brewster's hand, and also was the person who mailed the money back to the insurance company. Burger then calls Carolyn Ellis as a witness. After Perry objects, Burger shows that their marriage is not legal, due to a previous marriage that was not fully dissolved. Perry asks for and gets an adjournment, and asks his client to give him permission to search his apartment to retrieve personal items. Since they are not married, Martin can claim personal property (since it is not community property) and retrieve it. Perry and Paul look for the items, and find evidence that help them solve the case. It turns out that Carolyn was in love with Brewster and had worked with him to frame Martin for the embezzlement. During the presentation of evidence, Valarie Brewster attempts to provide an alibi for Carolyn, and Perry calls her on it. In doing so, Jonathan Hyatt confesses to the murder because he thinks Perry will accuse his daughter.


AccusedMartin Ellis
DeceasedCharles Brewster
Guilty PartyJonathan Hyatt


Like many of the people killed in the Perry Mason stories, Charles Brewster seems like the kind of person that really deserved what he got. The marriage was not dissolved because Carolyn Ellis had instituted divorce proceedings against her previous husband. An interlocutory decree was granted, but the divorce is not official until a year after this decree is granted. Subsequently, her husband dies, and Carolyn marries Martin 2 months short of the year period. This makes the marriage to Martin invalid.