Listening to Shortwave Broadcasts on the Internet

Many stations are now providing either live feeds or recorded webcasts for listening from their websites. While listening to broadcasts over the internet is not the same as turning on the radio and seeing what far away stations you can pick up, it does allow for a lot of listening choices. You can listen to stations that you might not be able to pick up on the radio from your area, or programming that is broadcast at a time that you cannot be at your radio. (And not to mention ... no static!)

One of the larger sites for online audio feeds is the World Radio Network. They have feeds from over 25 sources - stations such as Voice of Russia, Radio China International, Radio Australia, Radio Prague and Radio Netherlands. This is definitely a good place when in search of an audio feed to listen to. Those stations that broadcast through WRN will be noted in the station listing.

When listening to audio on the internet, you'll need to have a media player. The majority of the feeds fall into three flavors, Real Media, Windows Media and MP3 format. If for some reason you don't already have one, you'll want to grab one of the following players to listen to the streams.

Get Real Player

Get Windows Media Player