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Open up, it's the pigs

I first saw the Young Ones on MTV in the mid 1980's, and with all due respect to the other shows listed on this page (and those that aren't), I thought it was the funniest British comedy I have seen. It still ranks up there, even though I have seen many more comedies since then. Recently, the Young Ones have been shown in the US on Comedy Central, and all episodes are now available on video in the US on CBS/Fox video.

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[All three boys stare at the telly, just a little white dot on the screen and a low pitched hum.]

RICK: What is that little white dot?

NEIL: It's a little white dot.

RICK: Oh, very clever.

NEIL: It must be a really old telly.

RICK: What, hippie?

NEIL: Look, there's a sign in that little white dot. It means something really heavy. It means, there's no more telly. Time to go to bed. [stands] I'm going upstairs now to finish painting my astrological star chart, all right? [leaves]

RICK: [pause, calls to Neil] Do you really think that anyone has ever been the slightest bit interested in anything you say or do ever, Neil?! [sighs] God, fascist. [stands] Are you going to bed, Vyvyan?

VYVYAN: No. I'm going to watch the dot for a bit longer.

RICK: Wish we had a video. Then I could tape it and watch it in the morning. Oh, well. Nighty night.


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Web Broadcasts

British Web Broadcasting is the latest concept in broadcasting comedy television, through the medium of the Internet and can be found at  It’s the brainchild of comedy actor Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf) and Computer Warehouse entrepreneur, Jonathan Cole. They have been joined in this pioneering venture by Nigel Planer (The Young Ones), Chris Barrie (The Brittas Empire and Red Dwarf) and Phil Cornwell (Stella Street).

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Language Lessons

Having some trouble understanding some of the British slang used in the programs? Check out these pages to improve your language comprehension skills.

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